Kefalonia Island is located in Ionia Sea and is the largest one. Kefalonia's spectacular scenery, the deep blue crystal-clear waters, the green mountains with  secluded coves, the picturesque villages and the greek ambience make this island an ideal destination for fascinating holidays.

Kefalonia is said to be the tomb of Odysseus so the Island is full of mythology legends and historical sites such as the Venetian Citadel in the picturesque Assos, Cyclopean Walls of ancient Kranis and St. Gerasimus monastery. 

Kefalonia Island's geology hides some beautiful natural landscapes which offer to visitor breathtaking views in a dreamy environment. Some of Kefalonia's geology attractions is Lake Cavern of Melissani, Cave of Drogorati, Cave Drakena, the Sinks and the imposing rock of Ainos will amaze you. 

Kefalonia is famous also for its beaches. You will find pebbles to powdery sand, long sandy shorelines, rocky or secluded ones. Watersports and beach are always a must for a every age. Myrtos beach is a well-known beach and is voted 11 times as the best beach in Greece! Kefalonia is said to be "a little piece of heaven" so is really daring to explore it.